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Winnipeg Power Raking, Lawn Aeration and Spring Cleanups

Basic Power Raking Service - Tier 1

Power Raking in Winnipeg. Winnipeg Power Raking company offering Lawn Aeration and Fertilization.

  • Front and Back lawn receive Power Raking to remove the excess thatch from the turf.
  • Thatch and debris are collected and bagged. 
  • All plant beds connected to the front of your home are blown clean of debris, including driveway and sidewalks.
  • First Mowing Service of the Season.
  • Lawn Bags are left for city pickup. 

Basic Spring Cleanup starting at only $129

**Price Based on 4,000 sq/ft Property**

Enhanced Spring Cleanup Service - Tier 2

Winnipeg Lawn Aeration Service. Providing Power Raking Services in Winnipeg with Fertilization lawn

  • Includes all the advantages of Basic PLUS:  

  • Includes blowing out all beds connected to the back of your home, as well as  all deck, patio and sitting areas.

  • Lawn Aeration.
  • Spring Fertilization Service

  • Lawn Bags are left for city pickup.

Enhanced Service starting at only $189

**Price based on 4,000 sq/ft property**

Complete Spring Lawn Maintenance - Tier 3

Power Raking and Aeration Service in Winnipeg. Core Aeration to maximize fertilizer and over seeding

  • Includes all the advantages of Enhanced PLUS:

  • Gutter Service to remove sand and debris from city gutters.

  • Over-Seeding to regenerate new growth for a thicker lawn.

  • Power Edging for Cement Sidewalks/Driveways for a clean sharp appearance.

  • Lawn Bags are removed from property.

Complete Service starting at only $295

**Price based on 4,000 sq/ft property**

Lawn Aeration Service in Winnipeg - Only $55

Add Core Lawn Aeration to your Basic Power Raking

Winnipeg Lawn Care Company. Providing Power Raking in Winnipeg with Winnipeg Lawn Aeration Service.

Winnipeg Power Raking and Lawn Aeration

Spring Cleanups in Winnipeg - 3 Levels of Service available to meet the needs of YOUR Property!

Tired of calling multiple Winnipeg Lawn Care Companies to see what services they offer? and for what price?

Look no further....we offer 3 Levels of Spring Cleanup Services to have a package ready to go for YOUR properties needs! 

We make your choosing your Lawn Care Services in Winnipeg easier than ever by utilizing a 3 Tier Approach to getting the services you use.

We offer a Basic, Enhanced or a Complete Level of Service based on the types of services you want included in your Spring Lawn Care Service.

Lawn Care in Winnipeg Made Easier Than Ever!

Click below to view our 3 different Spring Property Cleanup Services in Winnipeg to see which best suits the needs of your home!

Just need your Winnipeg lawn Power Raked to get ready for Spring?

Want to include Aeration and Over-Seeding to thicken up the lawn for those Summer BBQ's?

We got you covered with one of our 3 Levels of Service! 

Winnipeg Spring Cleanups & Power Raking Services

Spring Lawn Care Services in Winnipeg are commonly  used to remove the sand, dirt, debris  and fall leaves that are deposited on your lawn over the course of the fall and winter which accumulates through  the year and suffocates your lawn over time. In Winnipeg we suffer from sand deposits from the roads, leaves that didn't get cleaned up before it snowed, all of which form a crust over our turf that needs to get removed in order to have a nice lawn each summer.

A Spring Cleanup and Power Raking Service in Winnipeg will remove the build up of thatch, clean out the sand and debris to get your grass growing and looking healthy to enjoy all summer long! 

Additional services like Lawn Aeration, Over-Seeding and Fertilization will help with soil compaction, nutrient deficiency and sparse grass to help regenerate your lawn fast!

Why Customers Choose US:

  • We Offer 3 Levels of Spring Cleanups and Power Raking Services (Basic, Enhanced, Premium) so that every customer has an option that works for THEIR specific property. 
  • Excellent Customer Service Strategy that combines technology and commitment to get you estimates, appointments and answers within a few  hours.
  • Professional, Uniformed and Friendly Staff that you can feel comfortable having on your property.

The service you want, at the price you want......The Lawn Care Solution!

Property Cleanups in Winnipeg

Spring Cleanups

Select one of our 3 Power Raking and Spring Cleanup Packages to suit what you need for YOUR property!

Fall Cleanups

Choose the level of service you want from our 3 Levels of Service!

That's the Lawn Care Solution!

Real Estate Cleanups

Selling your home?

Renting your property?

We have a cleanup to get you top dollar for your property!

Leaf & Debris Cleanup

Many yards become over grown with dead branches, weeds, leaves ect,

Call us today for a property cleanup to fit your needs!

Neglected Yard Cleanups

For yards that have been un-kept or over-grown for some time, weeds are long, branches have fallen and require a lot of work, give us a call!

Bush & Hedge Trimming

Servicing all types and sizes of yards. From small bushes to full property length hedges, we have a service designed to get you what you need quick!

Winnipeg Lawn Care - Top Dressing PLUS Service (5 in 1)

Spring cleanup company in winnipeg providing spring cleanups and power raking services in winnipeg.

1. Spring Cleanup w/ Power Raking & Core Aeration

Front and Back Lawn are Power Raked and debris is bagged. Front Plant Beds Blown Clean of all material. 

Receive the first mowing service of the season.

Bags are left for city pickup. 

Full property Aeration

Top Dressing Service - Lawn Care Company in Winnipeg  - Spring Cleanups in Winnipeg

2. Top Dressing Service

As pictured, we apply a layer of new vibrant, nutrient rich 4 Way Mix Soil to your lawn to get it level and uniform to maximize your lawns growing potential.

Lawn Care Solution In Winnipeg with Fertilization and Over Seeding - Winnipeg Power Raking

3. Over Seeding and Fertilization

We apply a healthy application of Premium Grass Seed and Starter Fertilizer to get your grass full and thick within 3-6 weeks!

Power Raking In Winnipeg Made Easy

We offer The Lawn Care Solution to the most common problem for customers when trying to choose a Lawn Care Company. With our comprehensive 3 Levels of Service System,  we offer a variety of Spring Cleanup and Power Raking Services to fit the needs of each and every Winnipeg Client based on the specific services they want!

Spring Lawn Care Made Easy

Power Raking company in Winnipeg that removes thatch in residential lawns. Power Raking Service

Convenient and Thorough Spring Lawn Care

With our Power Raking Service  you have the ability to select the level of service YOU want for YOUR property! 

We commonly find that many customers are seeking different levels of service with a variety of specific requirements for their property. 

Instead of having to call around looking for a company that provides the level of lawn care service you want, at a price point you want, our company offers a Spring Cleanup and Power Raking Program already designed ahead of time to offer an option to fit your preference.

No more calling around to different Lawn Care Companies in Winnipeg to see what they offer or ask what's included, we are a One Stop Shop with a service designed for you!

That's The Lawn Care Solution!

Online Booking and Premier Customer Service

Our online booking and service platform is easy to use and fully integrated into our invoicing program. At work, on the golf course, at the cabin or on the go with the kids is no obstacle with a company like us that's at the touch of your fingers on your mobile device. 

We respond consistently with our requests from within a few minutes to only few hours. Our customer service system is designed to keep in touch with our current and potential clients, in real time, as requests come in to get you what you need, when you need it.

To often in the Lawn Care Industry, customers have to call numerous companies, leave several voice mails, hoping someone answers the phone or calls them back, just so they can get their service.....But not with us.

Send us a request for service, or a question, and we will be in touch with you ASAP. That's our customer service guarantee.  You will get the response and service you need, when you need it. 

Actual Power Raking Results

Through experience, to many Lawn Care Companies show up with a Power Rake, put it on the highest setting and remove very little Thatch because it's faster and believe that most clients would not know the difference. 

At Imagine Lawns & Landscaping Ltd. we ensure we remove Thatch at an appropriate depth for your specific lawn's needs no matter the amount of debris it would create. When a client is purchasing a service, they deserve actual results to get the most for what their paying for. 

Turf Knowledge

Not every lawn needs to be Power Raked every season, but most properties in Winnipeg will benefit from the results of having the Thatch removed yearly. 

We receive many calls and online requests from Lawn Care Clients in Winnipeg that want to discuss their property and their lawn to determine what services they can benefit from. Our system focuses on the needs of our clients through a customer consultation they  need only Power Raking, possibly require multiple services like fertilization or Top Dressing, or could benefit from Aeration instead.

We provide a service with integrity, accuracy and purpose to ensure that the services clients are purchasing from us are services they actually need and that their administered properly.

Determining the current lawn care schedule you have had over the last 12 months, in relation to watering, mowing, fertilization, ect, will determine that we help you select exactly the service you need for YOUR property.

Effort Equals A Beautiful Lawn

For clients expecting to have the Ultimate Lawn each and every season, we offer a Premium Level Power Raking Service where our crews take the time to Hand Rake or Lawn Vacuum the bulk Thatch before performing your first mow of the season. 

Why do we do this when many companies don't?

We ensure a Hand Raking or Lawn Vacuuming is performed on the bulk thatch to ACTUALLY ENSURE we are removing it from your lawn. 

To many companies offer only (1) level of Lawn Care Service for a property. Our Premium Level Service takes the time to manually collect the large clumps of dead thatch and grass leaving your lawn pristine and ready to be at it's ultimate best.

With us, you know that the material you payed to have removed, is actually being removed, every time. 

Want Multiple Lawn Care Services?

We offer Power Raking and Full Lawn Care Packages to cover each and every service you may need, or tap below to view our Multiple Service Lawn Care Packages!

Top Dressing & Over Seeding

Winnipeg Lawn Care Made Easy!

Our Spring Top Dressing and Over-Seeding Service is designed to replenish the low and sparse areas of your yard with top quality 4-way mix soil and premium grass seed to get your lawn to where you want it to be in 3-6 weeks!

Send us your info today for a free estimate to get your lawn looking the way you want and the envy of the neighborhood!

Fertilization and Over Seeding Services

Healthy lawns require constant nutrients and regeneration to stay full, thick and green. 

A maintenance program that includes Fertilizer and New Seed rejuvenates the existing grass and helps grow new grass blades to replace the depleting ones over time. Every blade of grass in a lawn has a life span and the addition of new grass seed will keep your lawn thick for years to come!

Applications starting at $45

Book Your Service Below!

Free Online Estimate for Spring Cleanups & Power Raking Service in Winnipeg

How can we help?

Our Lawn Care Program in Winnipeg can help transform your home. We strive to be in constant communication with our customers until the job is done. 

If you have questions or special requests, let us know any time of day! 

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