Aeration Service in Winnipeg

Benefits of Aeration

Many people mow their lawn on a consistent schedule and water diligently in an effort to create a beautifully manicured lawn, but forget about the soil underneath the turf.

Having a beautiful lawn is correlated directly to having a healthy and vast root system below it. Aeration is one of the most over-looked and well kept secrets in Lawn Care because there is no instant change or impact once you complete the service, but over the proceeding weeks and months of the summer will tell a different story as your yard comes to life.

The process of Core Aeration pulls the 2-3" cores from the ground allowing sunlight, nutrients, and most of all water to penetrate to the root system where it can most effectively contribute to your lawns overall health.

Core Aeration addresses the most common cause of a floundering or under-performing lawn, which is Excessive Soil Compaction. Over time soil will settle, compact and become very dense, preventing the grass roots from growing freely as they should, limiting how your grass appears above ground. Core Aeration is the best way to improve the conditions of your soil to bring your lawn back to where it should be.

Core Aeration is extremely beneficial to allow other services like Over Seeding and Fertilization to ultimately be successful when we have the dense clay based soils like we do here in Winnipeg.

Lawn Aeration allows Seed and Fertilizer to do what they do better because a mechanical Aerator pierces small holes, or cores, in the ground every 4"-6", and 2"-4" deep, depending on soil conditions. Aeration opens up the soil and allows it to breathe, allowing all the elements to go deeper into the ground and reach the root system of your lawn, increasing it's ability to absorb nutrients, water, and oxygen. The cores will remain on top of your lawn for approximately 2 weeks, depending on weather conditions, and will break down on their own leaving nutrients to disperse about your grass. Raking up the cores will reduce Aeration effectiveness. 

Aeration Service in Winnipeg. Lawn Care Services in Winnipeg. Tap the photo to book your service!

Aeration Service in Winnipeg. Lawn Care Services in Winnipeg. Tap the photo to book your service!

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Aeration In Winnipeg

Process of Aeration

Removing smalls cores from the ground is called Aeration. Once those cores are removed, and the Thatch layer in your lawn is at a nominal level, maximum water, sunlight, oxygen  and nutrients can penetrate the soil to create ideal growing conditions for your lawn.

Pulling the small cores from the ground   

relieves compaction from the area by reducing the density. Areas where Core Aeration is the most beneficial is in lawns that grow on larger amounts of sand, silt and clay. Aeration helps improve the efficiency of irrigation and increases the efficiency of over seeding and fertilization.

How Often Should I Aerate my Lawn?

Lawn Aeration should be done annually and it helps assist in breaking up Thatch right on the surface of the soil. Surface thatch can block access for water, oxygen, nutrients, fertilizer and sunlight from getting to the root zone. 

Why Should I Aerate My Lawn?

The small cores pulled from the ground will break down on the surface which contain microorganisms  which help with the decomposition of newly forming thatch and keep your lawn in a healthier state. 

Other benefits of Aeration are related to combating our dense clay based Winnipeg Soil. When soil is dense, the roots of your lawn tend to remain close to the surface and do not grow deeply. This keeps your lawn highly susceptible to the heat of summer and the effects of drought. By keeping your soil loose with annual Aeration, the roots are able to penetrate deeper and stay moist longer, and more drought resistant. 

When Should I Aerate my Winnipeg lawn?

Aeration is best done when the thick thatch layer in your lawn has been removed with a Power Raking Service. Lawn Aeration prior to this service being completed will be less effective that if done in tandem or after. 

Aeration is best coupled with Over Seeding and Fertilization after your lawn has been power raked to remove the Thatch.

Thatch can be a thick intertwined layer that can hinder Aeration from it's most effective purpose of allowing the soil to breath and absorb moisture. 

Aeration will help to break up surface thatch but it will not remove it from your lawn, and without coupling Aeration with a Power Raking Service for optimal results to get that green healthy lawn every wants!

Our Enhanced and Complete Spring Cleanup Services include both Power Raking and Aeration to prepare your lawn to grow the way you want!

Aeration and Over Seeding in Winnipeg

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